Pandora Hearts


I started reading the manga Pandora Hearts a year ago, as recommended by my friend.

One word to describe it.


So, Oz Vessalius, heir to one of the four great duke houses, has just turned fifteen. His life is rich and carefree, darkened only by the constant absence of his father. At his coming-of-age ceremony, however, everything changes. He’s cast into the mysterious prison known as the “Abyss” by the Baskervilles. In order to escape the Abyss, Oz makes a contract with the most feared ‘chain’ known as the B-Rabbit, or Alice.

Even out of the Abyss Oz is pursued. The organization of Pandora, the Baskervilles, other Contractors…

Alice wants to find her memories, which were scattered in the normal world for reasons unknown to her. During their search for her memories, Oz and Alice are accompanied by Gil, Oz’s loyal servant and friend, Xerxes Break and Sharon Rainsworth, both members of Pandora. They encounter many people along the way, such as Eliot and Reo, and Vincent Nightray.

And so their journey continues, in search of the truth of what really happened 100 years ago.

I am on Chapter 42 – Retrace XLII: Stray of the manga, and I have finished watching the anime (yeeesh, that is absolutely epic too!)

Oh I just love this picture :3 Alice is sooo cute, especially with the Oz and Gil dolls.


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While the springtime blossoms bloom, I like to work on my seemingly never-ending story, read about fantastical other worlds, or paint the world right in front of my eyes. And dancing through the trees in park with my dearly friends. (In other words, Hello!)

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