Raggs Requiem Sheet Music


*Sigh* don’t you just love 07 Ghost? And the soundtrack? And specifically that wonderful song Raggs Requiem (Raggs no Chinkonka)? Especially if you could play it on the piano?

I’ve tried. So many times. Over and over. All the possible websites.

But I just CANNOT find the sheet music for Raggs Requiem, or Raggs no Chinkonka. I mean, there’s all those tutorials for this amazing song, if I may say, on YouTube, so why the heck can’t someone just take a couple minutes to write down the notes?
I know, its not that easy, because you need to figure out the rhythm and everything….


I couldn’t stand it! D: all those people who can play it by ear, but just no SHEET MUSIC for it! O____O

So, I took one of the awesome tutorials and – very tediously and very carefully – created a makeshift sheet music for Raggs Requiem! β™₯ Here you go! (It’s a .pdf, by the way.)

Raggs Requiem Music Sheet



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  1. Awesome! Thank you so much for transcribing this! I’ve searched everrrywhere but no one else has done this one yet ^//^

    • heehee, you’re welcome! Actually, I’m pretty sure I know exactly how much you love this song, considering I had this on repeat for the entire first two weeks… I’m thinking of polishing this up a bit, because this is really reeeeaaally old :3 Probably some time next month, after exams >_<

  2. Okay, about the music sheets, not to be rude or anything but you could put the C# as a key signature instead of writing again and again. Oh, and I have some suggestions for your sheets, let’s see…um, at bar 1 I think you should put the RH to one octave higher. When you get to the second page at bar 12 (first bar on page) put LH one octave higher along with the RH still one octave higher. Then, at bar 17 (3rd line on the second page) both of the hands move down one octave. Later, on bar 22 (end of page, last bar) change the RH back to one octave higher, LH stays the same, and then on the third page at the second half of bar 29 (the really long second to last line) change LH to one octave higher again, and end with both hands still one octave higher. Anyways, these are just suggestions to make your song sheets better, I’m not criticizing, because, it actually is very good, but with a few more improvements it could be better. Thanks for reading my comment! I hope you take my advice! ^.^

    • Thanks! πŸ˜€ You can change it yourself if you want, and anyway I haven’t transcribed music before, so all criticism is greatly appreciated!
      And sorry it to sooo long for me to reply…was on vacation. ^~^

      • I don’t know how to make or change the music so asking me to do it is sort of hopeless.

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