The Interlopers – a continuation


A couple days ago, in my English class, we read the short story The Interlopers. It was a cliffhanger, so we were assigned to write an ending for it. Well, here’s mine.

By the way, read the original short story.
hahah, so you can see me? >:D awesome

“Who are they?” asked Georg quickly, straining his eyes to see what the other would gladly not have seen.


Georg gasped in horror.

Ulrich shivered in the bitter wind, and shushed Georg. “Quiet! Be silent and still, as we are the prey now. Our smell alone is enough to draw them to us, especially with all this blood, and unnecessary noise does not help with our survival.”

Georg stared at him, his bloodshot eyes round with frantic fear. His lips were already tinged with the pale blue of coldness, Ulrich thought grimly, and if the wolves didn’t claim them that night, hypothermia would.

In the tense silence, they could hear the wolves’ swift, silent dance, weaving through leafy towers and snow white mountains. Under the cloak of night they were only darting shadows, with eyes of fierce intelligence glowing in the crystalline moonlight. Ulrich quaked with fear, and managed to shake his other hand free of the tangle of branches. A small burst of hope shot through his fear, and he struggled harder, pushing at the heavy branches.

Georg coughed and croaked in a dead voice, “Ulrich, I shall speak quickly, for you don’t have much time left. You run; I stay and keep the wolves at bay with the rifle. Even if I do survive this nightmare, I wouldn’t live long in this cold with a broken leg. Leave now, my friend, and give my love to my dear family.”

Ulrich began to protest, but Georg nodded at the wolves, who were now less than 10 feet away. They circled with a lazy triumph, and Ulrich nodded in despair.

He ran.

He dashed madly through the forest, not daring to glance back at the nightmarish scene. Suddenly, an agonized shriek shattered through the restless night. Ulrich nearly tripped into a ditch when he realized where the desperate scream came from. Against all instincts, he turned around.

With uncanny grace, the wolves pounced on the shrieking bundle under the tree. Ulrich willed himself to move, but he couldn’t. He watched in numb horror as the pack moved as one, and slowly, pulled the screams apart. Before he knew it, Ulrich’s newfound friend was gone. A sudden howl of triumph from the beasts shook Ulrich out of his stupor.

The darkness seemed alive around him, murky shadows dancing where the cold moonlight couldn’t reach. Georg’s last screams still seemed to quiver through the trees, and as Ulrich scrambled for his life through mountains of snow, he couldn’t shake the feeling of hopelessness.

He couldn’t run any longer. No more, no more. Let the wolves get him, and end this horrid game.

Ulrich gasped for air, and each breath of frosted air spiked down his lungs. Behind him came the steady pattering of paws barely touching the snow, of predators in pursuit. Ulrich could feel their hot rancid breath melting the snow that’d fallen onto his stiff neck, and he could hear their panting loud in his ear.


Ulrich squinted into the darkness. Was that a person?

He shouted with relief, and didn’t see his pursuers bearing down on him.

The predator caught its prey and settled down for a long meal.

The dead man’s hope faded back into the shadows, being just another hallucination of fear.

© 2010 Shannon G.


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