The Dark Side of Young Adult Fiction


Take a look at this: The Dark Side of Young Adult Fiction

I found these — Ah, I suppose you would them debates? — recently, and thought this one was actually the perfect depiction of our current society:

“We might pummel them with advertising that says they should buy a new iPod, or Xbox, or Droid XYZ, and that everything in the world is shiny and delightful — but whether we’re looking at the loss of biodiversity, or the depletion of cheap and easily accessible energy, or the hazards of global warming, our children will inherit a world significantly depleted and damaged in comparison to the one our parents handed down to us. And they know it.”

Considering that I myself am one of the people getting pummeled with such ads and hearing about global warming, etc. everyday, I would think that at least others — meaning “they”, me, the next generation — would also know about the simple, point-blank danger of our future. But I’m wrong. Everyday, walking down the halls of my school, what do I see? True, there isn’t as much drugs and such pointless amenities as stereotyped at my school, but still, it’s obvious no one really cares to take time in their lives just to contemplate the matter of a damaged world. Of course, I’m not saying that no one cares; of course there’s lots of people out there who are trying to do something about this. The problem is the other half of society that is purposefully ignorant and too caught up in their own life to see what’s happening around them.

Ok. I’ll stop it, my little rant.

Hah, someone commented: “Welcome to The New Dark Ages”. May it be true or not, it’s up to you to decide. I’m just stating my opinion. The only thing I request of you, my dear internet friends, is to take a good look at the news everyday, or read not just the front page of the newspaper. Observe the world and decide for yourself if this society needs some serious help.

P.S. I just realized something strangely ironic. You know, me posting this post and even just using the computer is comsuming energy. Of course we can’t so easily let go of our everyday technological needs — after all, this is is the 21st century, when technology is flourishing — but perhaps we should start adding to our daily automatic habits the act of perhaps just listening, listen to the call of the world, and attempt to do something. Actually, my challenge to you today is to … save. Save food, save money, save time, etc.


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