Something for me to read….


Don’t worry, I’m not dead yet (although even if I was, in a metaphorical sense, I doubt anyone in this big wide web would notice, considering how I keep procrastinating on posting new things ^_^).

So, notice the title, and hear me out. I am undoubtedly an avid reader of the fantasy and/or science fiction (or both combined, although not preferably) genres, and thus I have… run out of books the read. Now this, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING! Just kidding, but really, if anyone like me does happen to stumble upon this threadbare and lonely blog, come give me a few suggestions!

What I have read and loved:
~Farseer Trilogy & The Tawny Man Trilogy – Robin Hobb
~The Kingkiller Chronicle (although the third book in the trilogy isn’t out yet)
-Patrick Rothfuss
~Prince of Thorns (The Broken Empire #1) – Mark Lawrence
~The Riddle-Master – Patricia McKilip
~Night Angel Trilogy – Brent Weeks
~The Warded Man – Peter V. Brett
~Lord of the Rings (of course!)
~Black Magician Trilogy – Trudi Canavan
~Traitor Spy Trilogy – Trudi Canavan
~Mainspring (Clockwork Earth #1) – Jay Lake
~Spellwright – Blake Charlton
~The Left Hand of God (Thomas Cale series) – Paul Hoffman
~The Unremembered (Vault of Heaven #1) – Peter Orullian
~Chronicle of the Shadow War Trilogy – Chris Claremont & George Lucas

…uum, and others, if I can remember their titles…

So the above were some of the books that I love and some I might read over and over again.. You get the gist.

And now, books that I’ve tried and really really unfortunately couldn’t stand to keep reading:
~A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) – George R. R. Martin
… oh dear, I just realized maybe A Game of Thrones is it, so far. You see, the problem with that book/series was that it was much to plot-based for my liking. I happen to like character-based stories better, so alas, I must pass on this series… (Like Teresa Frohock said in her blog:

Which would you prefer to write? A novel about a war that encompasses generations and various mythical countries or a novel about how one protagonist must cope within the war torn world

This is highly subjective and depends a great deal on what kind of novel you like to read. Personally, I’m greedy and love a good novel that combines the best of both worlds – great characters and an interesting plot.

However, when pressed to choose, it’s always about the characters. I will suffer through the most mundane, clichéd plots if I can connect with the novel’s protagonist. I want the protagonist and his/her struggles to seem real.

Although of course in my case I’m reading the books but anyway, that is that.

By the way, the books I have mentioned so far would be categorized under Adult Fiction (not that it matters) at a library… Here are the books that would probably be found under Teen Fic or such:
~The Laws of Magic Series – Michael Pryor
~Artemis Fowl Series – Eoin Colfer
~Chaos Walking trilogy – Patrick Ness
~The Monstrumologist series – Rick Yancey
~The Books of Pellinor series – Allison Crogon
~ Bartimaeus Trilogy – Jonathan Stroud
~Keys of the Kingdom series – Garth Nix
~all books/series by Tamora Pierce
~Incarceron – Catherine Fisher

Much much more I have really read but this is all I can remember off the top of my head… So back to the beginning, any suggestions?


p.s. I actually really dislike it when a main (even if not main) character goes, “Oh my, he/she is my true love!” at the first person of the opposite sex they meet and the rest of the book is basically “Oh do they like me? Or do they think…” etc. So… ^_^


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While the springtime blossoms bloom, I like to work on my seemingly never-ending story, read about fantastical other worlds, or paint the world right in front of my eyes. And dancing through the trees in park with my dearly friends. (In other words, Hello!)

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