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Math class.. bored and exasperated


Hot, stifling air pulling at my skin.. once in a while, cool breezes come dancing through the open windows and come play upon my desk.
Tak, clak, clak.
White scrapes upon the blue-green-black chalk board, as my math teacher drones on about simple transformations on funtions.
I sit here, in my seat, and obviously, expectedly, bored as hell. Oh, but not because I dislike this class. No, actually I am one of those rare types who loves math.
Rather, I am bored because she is teaching us about the various parent functions as if we are little kids. Gosh, I mean this is a Grade 11 academic math class! WTF?! This stuff is *easy*, I mean! What are we going to do when we get to sinusoidal functions? (actually, those might be even easier than this…)

Ok, ok, finally, almost time to go home! 8D

I’ll be back soon!