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Photo of the Day: pretty


A little taste of summer!  Photo credits: me ^~^

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Royalty of Winter


He wears the skull of summer
As his crown
And shaded pearls of hail;
His staff of a polished ice,
The sword of winter night.
Trapped in throes of cold
His queen
And prisoner:
My dear Summer,
Must you struggle like that?
Soon, so soon,
You shall have the throne
Where ‘pon the fairies dance
And I bow down to your sun.
T’was our agreement,
Of half of each eternity,

Cramming In


Forget the poetics, the finals are finally here and I wish I could control time so I could just skip past this miserable page in life. I could, for example, skip forwards to our band trip, California. Or, better yet, summer! Lazing around in the sun with Garu* or relishing the iciness of melting ice cream…

* Can you figure it out? Her nickname, which in fact, is in no way even close to the name of my best friend. 🙂